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Zelda: Tarani the Visionary by Dargonite
Zelda: Tarani the Visionary
Pen sketch of one of my characters for my Zelda rp boards, Dungeons & Darknuts.

Tarani is a Rito who lost his left leg as a kid in a flight crash after attempting to build his own artificial wings in an effort to fly before it was his turn to take his rite of passage with Valoo. Despite his life-altering injury, he still attempts to invent new ways to enhance the Rito form.

Read Tarani's full profile here:…

ACNL: Psycho Bonbon by Dargonite
ACNL: Psycho Bonbon
Doodle for an inside joke. My boyfriend and I are convinced that Bonbon is a serial killer.

She walks around constantly with a shovel and is a strange mix of suspicious and constantly jazzed about everything in an unsettling way. She also put a medical mannequin on prominent display in her house, and was extremely excited by my boyfriend carrying a skeleton in his inventory, stating that she's always wanted one. Needless to say, she put it on prominent display, too.

TL;DR, Bonbon is a beautiful psycho.
Pokemon: Cynthia and Rowan Pen Doodles by Dargonite
Pokemon: Cynthia and Rowan Pen Doodles
Part of my realistic pokemon character pen doodle set thing.

Cynthia is based on Charlize Theron and Rowan on Daniel Day-Lewis.

The universe is like a machine; each part functions by the cooperation of another component that likewise relies on yet another, with all components functioning in unison to complete its given task – in this case, the creation and housing of life. If anything were to interfere with even the smallest part of this so-called Universal Machine, the entire device would fail to operate properly. Even the most miniscule of faults in the most complex of machines could cause a catastrophic outcome, and, incidentally, the more complicated the machine, the more places faults may occur. It is then a wonder how the universe can keep itself in such perfect balance despite its apparent volatility… a balance the human machine lacks the capacity to achieve.

Why do we lack it? For the reason I stated in my initial example: there is something interfering with our ability to function appropriately. We are damaged and imperfect, and without repairing this fatal flaw in our societal machinery, we are doomed to fail. This flaw… it can only be called the human spirit, the essence of our emotions that divert our efforts away from cooperation and into the vile depths of strife. It is the very faults in the human spirit – pride, arrogance, selfishness – that deeply root this world’s conflict. We fight because we feel the necessity; we kill in the name of fear, anger, and identity. These feelings drive us, compel us and our actions, leaving destruction and incompleteness in its wake.

This very incompleteness is inherently human, residing like a festering blemish on our souls that prevent us from ever attaining the very perfection that we strive for in futility. An incompleteness that I both hate and loathe to hate, as hatred only further opens this mortal wound that threatens our species. Yes, our very sentiments ultimately serve to ail us, stymieing our capacity to grow and achieve by wrenching us back into the depths of conflict whenever our fragile hearts are fragmented by disagreement. And are disagreements not pointless hindrances when without their catalyst we can attain a unification – a completeness that will propel humankind to new heights through absolute cooperation? This is the world I aim to achieve: a world lacking in pain, in sorrow, in strife, in pity… a world freed from the detestable claws of contention… a veritable utopia.
Pokemon: The Universe as a Machine: Cyrus's Utopia
So I decided to write a speech in-character as Cyrus to an ambiguous audience. This idea popped into my head a couple days ago and I've been working on it slowly since then as inspiration strikes... It's by no means perfect and is shorter than I would have liked, but I really hope it's enjoyable, anyway. 

I used some key words I noticed he uses in canon speech in order to hopefully portray the character accurately.

Also this is my first time submitting a piece of writing so have mercy :x

Hey guys, I'm looking for players for a Pokémon themed PbP RPG on my forums, Dungeons and Darknuts. We only have 3 players so far and would love some more!

Join here:…

You do not need to participate in any of the Dungeons & Darknuts Zelda RPs or games to join the Pokémon one, either, but you do need to sign up to post. I'm both the GM of the rp and the primary forum creator and admin, though, so if you have any questions, let me know!



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United States
Greetings! My name is Lauren, and I am a hobby artist. I'm constantly testing out new styles, but I frequently draw much of the same stuff for extended periods until I get it *right* how I want it, so you guys might see a lot of repeats in my gallery ^^; As soon as I feel I've gotten a good enough grasp on a style I enjoy, I plan on uploading a TON more original art than I have currently, since much of my gallery is currently fan art.

Anyway, that's it for now! Thanks for reading!

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Hello there :) I saw that rather big Zelda map you made, it's pretty dang awesome and I feel it to be prefect material for my studies on a certain idea of mines ^^

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